Built in:

1917 or 1918

Original use:

General merchandise store


Convenience store with restaurant/bar

Nagley’s Store

The core of this log building was built by Horace W Nagley in 1917 or so.  He already had two other branch stores, one in Susitna Station and one in McDougall.  In 1916, he, like many others opened his store in a wall tent near the Talkeetna River.  The railroad boom town had almost 1000 people by 1917. Nagley’s Merchandise was an immediate hit.  Those other towns soon went away, as did his branch stores, and this one in Talkeetna became his main enterprise. 

In 1947 he retired and sold his store.  The new owners moved the store up the street in order to get out of the flood hazard area.  The store changed its name to the B&K Trading Post and stayed that way until 1997 when the owner decided to rename the store to honor the original owner.  Some people in Talkeetna still call the establishment “the B&K” out of habit.  It was the B&K almost as long as it’s been Nagley’s! 

The store still sells staple goods and although the furs on the walls are not for sale, one can get the idea of how it might have been in the day.