Wings of Her Dreams




A reflection and look at the adventures during Kitty Banner’s time in Alaska. Experience her flights, landings, and takeoffs on high altitude glaciers loaded with gear and mountain climbers from all over the world who came to Talkeetna to attempt ascent of one of the toughest mountains on earth, Denali. Kitty Banner was born into a loving, adventurous, Irish-American family in Chicago, Illinois, joining three older brother and welcoming a second younger sister. The siblings enjoyed excellent guidance from their parents, who encouraged them to contribute to the work of the family business, to live life fully, to be considerate of others, and to strive for excellence. All generously shared their variety of interests, which ranged from hiking, fishing, climbing, target shooting, sailing and water sports, to snow skiing, horseback riding: and, in the case of her brothers, a passion for flying. She flew as a contract pilot for Talkeetna Air Taxi, Hudson Air Service, Doug Geeting Aviation, and for Jim Okonek, K2; Kitty is often named as the inspiration for the role of Maggie O’Connell played so well by actress Janine Turner in the made-for-television series Northern Exposure.