Built in:


Original use:

Horse barn, trading post, dwelling


Historic site with no buildings

Belle’s Historic Site

This area near the river doesn’t actually have any structures on it  today.  The site at one time was Belle Grindrod Lee MacDonald’s home, barn and trading post. She arrived in Talkeetna in 1917, was the first businessWOMAN and became one of the most trusted entrepreneurs in town.  At one time, the land thrived with chickens, productive gardens, and horses used in the mining and freighting business.  Belle ran a popular trading post for area miners and travelers.  By 1960 all those business had ended and Belle, at age 83, left Talkeetna to at Alaska’s newest elder facility, the Pioneer Home, in Sitka.

The Talkeetna Historical Society was able to purchase the property in the mid 90s.