Lavish Silence by Ken Marsh


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Out of Print – Alaska has been home to many camps and communities that flourished briefly and later declined and disappeared. Most sprang to life with a strike of gold and lived as long as the mining was profitable then died with the depletion of the mineral deposit. Unlike the notable places that had come before, it was the birth of the Alaska Railroad that, in turn, gave birth to Curry. Curry served the many facets of the Alaska Railroad operations and passengers, boasting a wonderful, grand hotel and many other amenities, in the middle of an early, wild Alaska. A California Congressman, the Alaska Central Railroad, Susitna River Steamboats, Alaska Nellie, Deadhorse Hill, and a devastating fire, all play a part in the story of the once vibrant, now vanished Alaska Railroad community of Curry, Alaska. This book is filled with many photographs and some fold-out maps of the area.